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A place of help, healing and support for those who have come to Christ
from a Wiccan, Neo-Pagan or Occult background
Established and maintained BY Christian exWitches FOR Christian ex-Witches



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exWitch Australia Ministries and ex-Witch newZealand's Blog are proud to be associated with The Son and the Moon Forums - A place of help, healing and support for those who have come to Christ from a Neo-Pagan or Occult background Established and maintained BY Christian exWitches FOR Christian ex-Witches, exWitch Ministries Australia, Kathi Sharpe, Julie James, Frances Bishop, Robby Rush, born again pagan, born again, exwitch, ex-witch, ex witch, expagan, ex-pagan, ex pagan, 4 christ, for christ, exwiccan, ex-wiccan, ex wiccan, exoccultist, ex-occultist, ex occultist, exsatanist, ex-satanist, ex satanist, ex druid, ex occultist, ex sanguine, exdruid, exsanguine, ex-sanguine, farrar, elvira, mistress of the dark, Australia, Australian, New Age, wicca, Witch, witchcraft, spells, occult, message board, pagan, forum for and by exWitches, exWitch forum, exWitch Forums, forums for exWitch and exPagan Christians, craig hawkins, apologetics, cult, cults, sect, sects, alternative religious 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ancient crossroads, ministries, exwitch, forums,, witchvox, On The Son and the Moon Forums you may find information about admonitions of ma'at, air, Alexandrian, altar, altar tools, altars, amulet, amulets, anti-defamation, aradia, arianhrod, asatru, ashera poles, asherim, astarte, astrologer, astrology, athame, banishing spell, bast, bastet, beltain, beltaine, beltane, blessed be, book of shadows, book of spells, bridgit, brighid, brigid, brigit, broom, broom closet, burning times, cakes and wine, candle, candlemas, cast circle , casting, cauldron, censor, center, ceremonial magick, cerridwen, chakra, chants, charge of the dark god, charge of the dark goddess, charge of the god, charge of the goddess, charms, circle, circle casting, consecrate, consecrating, consecration, consort, correspondences, coven, covener, craft, crone, croning, crystals, cult, cultic, dark goddess, dark magick, dark moon, dark witch, dedication, deities, deity, demon, deosil, diana, dianic, discordian, 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